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The A to Z guide for a successful adoption

The adoption process can be confusing, overwhelming, extremely expensive and time consuming…but it doesn’t have to be.  

The Adoption Success Accelerator is the ONLY streamlined, unbiased source of comprehensive information on everything adoption related before, during and after. 

Inside The Guide You Will Discover: 

  • All adoption options available to you, the pros and cons, processes, fees, timelines and steps for each one 
  • The best adoption professionals to work with based on where you live, your budget and needs
  • Little known funding and grant options to cover your adoption fees
  • How to protect yourself from common scams with adoption professionals or self matched birth moms 
  • Which states are best for adoption and how to work with them
  • Successfully integrating your new family member (something few people cover in the adoption process that’s CRUCIAL for your success!)
  • How to nail the home study and make yourself an attractive family for adoption
  • Weekly live meetings with me and unlimited access to me in between as you go through the process – so you’re not alone in this!

Watch our free training to find out if this is the best next step for you to avoid the heartbreak many of my clients experience before we work together! 

“We thought we could research for ourselves all that we needed to know and that we probably didn’t need the program.  But we decided to go for it – and are so glad we did!!”

Sam and Sabrina

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Based on my experience as an adoption lawyer helping hundreds of families successfully adopt, this is the clearest and most comprehensive overview of what to expect when considering adoption. 

This is for anyone who is:

  • Considering other options to grow their family such as in vitro fertilization, embryo adoption, surrogacy etc…
  • Also considering whether adoption would be the best option for their family.
  • Realizing that understanding what to expect with adoption is crucial for making the best decision for their family.

“The adoption journey is confusing. The internet did little to help piece the process together.  The Adoption Success Accelerator was the bridge that helped me cross into actually walking the path confidently.”

Andrew and Jessica

additional resources

The Legal process of adoption

Do you desire to adopt, but want to ensure you’re following the correct legal process? Maybe you’re a person who likes to be prepared for the future, but are having trouble taking the first step because you want to be sure you’re not breaking any laws. If you can relate to any of the scenarios above, then Adopt IQ is for you.

The Best Adoption Guide

Discover the fastest and most affordable adoption options that agencies don’t want you to know about! Find out which adoption route is best for your family in a streamlined view of the pros and cons of all of your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about adoptions? You’re not the only one who does! Watch my YouTube Channel to find a list of FAQs that are asked by hopeful adoptive parents all over the U.S. to help you get started on your adoption journey.